Terms and Conditions


  • For subscription services, cancellations require 4 weeks notice.

  • For all other services 2 weeks notice is required and you will be charged a $40 administration fee to cover VectorFit expenses already committed (equipment, admin, insurances etc) to cancel the service.

Subscription Freeze: For customers travelling for a period of 15 days or more, can request to have their subscription frozen while away. A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required.

Refunds: Are only available for up to 24 hours after the purchase as long as a service has not been conducted. Refunds will cost $40 for processing the request.

Rescheduling: Rescheduling can occur if VectorFit or a client requires to change the time, venue or location of a service. This is based on the following:

  • Vectorfit is entitled to reschedule a service if they are required to. If a reasonable alternative can not be met a client can request a refund, only if Vectorfit initiated the reschedule

  • Clients must provide 48 hours notice when requesting to reschedule, or they forfeit the service. If the client initiated the reschedule no refunds can occur, and the credit will remain with the Client for 6 weeks to find an appropriate alternative, or forfeit the credit.


In purchasing a Vectorfit service I agree to:

  • Allow Vectorfit to use and share my personal information (name, mobile and email) to services that are involved in delivering the service for example 10to8 for appointment management and Physitrack for personal training programs

  • Allow Vectorfit to use me in marketing material

  • Allow Vectorfit to contact me for fitness based information

  • Contact Vectorfit to opt out

Release and Waiver of Liability: Upon purchasing a VectorFit service all clients are required to agree to the Release and Waiver of Liability. In accessing VectorFit services, our equipment and property, I affirm that my physical health is good and I do not have any disability, injury, illness or condition that would be adversely impacted by the exercise service. I affirm I can perform exercise of a vigorous nature and I am not currently under the care of a physician. If under the care of a physician, I have received his/her permission to participate in vigorous exercise at VectorFit.

  • Agreement to Follow Rules and Policies: I agree to follow all rules and policies of VectorFit services and to abide by any reasonable request concerning the exercise program and use of equipment directed to me by an VectorFit employee. I agree to operate and use the equipment only in the manner in which it was designed and intended to be used. I understand that my failure to abide and follow instructions may result in the termination of my VectorFit service. I understand that VectorFit has the right to terminate or alter my service at its complete and unilateral discretion.

  • Release and Waiver: I hereby accept all risks to my health and of my injury or death that may result from participation in VectorFit services and I release VectorFit and its employees and representatives from any liability to me, my personal representatives, estate, heir, next of kin and assigns for any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to my property and for any and all illness or injury to my person, including my death, that may result from or occur during my use of VectorFit services, whether caused by negligence of the company, employees, or representatives or otherwise. I agree to release and hold harmless VectorFit and its employees from all liability which may result from my use of the VectorFit services.

Billing and Payment:

  • Payment amount, frequency and method will be covered in the VectorFit payment portal Ezypay

  • All services are an ongoing subscription unless a fixed term is set by the Client and agreed upon by VectorFit, or VectorFit advertised a fixed period

  • For ongoing services, payment will be required fortnightly, and the first payment will occur 14 days after signing up, unless requested otherwise

  • Payment is direct debited from a Visa/Mastercard or a nominated bank account. Amex will not be accepted for payment

  • If a payment fails, the fee of $16.39 will be charged to the customer. This fee is a payment portal fee and not a VectorFit fee and cannot be negotiated unfortunately

  • If you wish to have a special payment plan set up for a once off payment, you must provide 4 business days notice prior to the due date of the payment to allow for VectorFit to implement a change


  • All 1on1 personal training sessions are 45 minutes in duration unless specified otherwise

  • All group personal training sessions are 60 minutes in duration unless specified otherwise

  • All other services will be 45 minutes in duration where applicable, unless specified otherwise